I.W.A. Publishing Services consults professionals and experts draft a manuscript in their area of expertise and assists them with   the publishing process.  The author does not need to worry about grammar, formatting, or spelling.  I.W.A. Publishing Services takes the drafted manuscript and edits accordingly.  The finished  work is then compiled into a published work that can be sold for  profit through Amazon.com, ebook applications, or various international distributions.

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"The book is beautiful! The spacing of the poetry and the border trim, the crisp, clear print type. The design of the book is a work of art and I am thrilled with it. Everyone who has seen the book admires its look. I am so grateful for and proud of Zorina's wonderful style for my book. Thank you!"
Pat M. Kuras, Author
Hope, Newfound Clarity
& Insomniac Bliss

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