I.W.A. Publishing Services consults professionals and experts draft a manuscript in their area of expertise and assists them with   the publishing process.  The author does not need to worry about grammar, formatting, or spelling.  I.W.A. Publishing Services takes the drafted manuscript and edits accordingly.  The finished  work is then compiled into a published work that can be sold for  profit through Amazon.com, ebook applications, or various international distributions.

I.W.A Publishing Services also tutors children and publishes   their writing through structured tutoring sessions and writing exercises, offering youngsters a better appreciation for reading and writing.

Mission Statement:

Finding your identity, building and sustaining self-confidence, promoting a positive self-esteem, and giving credit where it is due, all the while remaining diligent in self-improvement.

 Original edition to I WON'T APOLOGIZE FOR BEING A WOMAN also available in ebook.

I.W.A. Publishing Services turns writers into authors.

 This could be you!

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“I.W.A. Publishing is a fantastic resource for the Michiana area.  Zorina offers contemporary guidance with a small town congenial feel.   Her energy is contagious and her editing skills are accurate.”

Dr. Donna Campbell, Stepwise, Local Pediatric and School Neuropsychologist

"You have done a wonderful job with my website. It is clear, colorful, and very professional. Even better is the service I receive when I need something updated. Updates are made quickly and efficiently. My experience with your company thus far has been great! "the website looks excellent! I.W.A. is awesome!"
Jerry Stefanic
Presque Isle Optique LLC

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