Zorina Exie J. Frey, Owner

I.W.A. Independent Publishing

45 Mag Women's Literary Journal

 Author.  Writer.  Editor.  Performance artist. 


What type of work does IWA Publishing accept?

I.W.A. stands for I Won’t Apologize, reflective of I.W.A.’s first book, I Won’t Apologize for Being a Woman, a coming of age book of poetry that addresses and challenges religious expectations of a woman in today’s society while respecting the Christian faith.

The idea of I.W.A. is to promote self-confidence by taking pride in your own identity while promoting a positive attitude and remaining diligent in self-improvement through literature.  


Adventure, fantasy, humor, mystery, suspense thrillers, poetry, romance, science fiction, short story collections, children’s stories, picture books, and multicultural.


Creative non-fiction, history, memoirs, education, women’s issues, travel, spiritual, humanities, how-to’s, environmental, health and wellness, alternative lifestyle, travel, and food.

Query guidelines

Email the first two chapters of your manuscript or 10 pages of poetry, a book synopsis, and bio.

If you do not yet have a manuscript but interested in getting a book started, purchase The Right Way to Self-Publish book available on Amazon here.

I.W.A. reserves the right to reject manuscript submissions that we believe do not fit with the I.W.A. branding.

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