Congratulations to yet another new IWA author, Cheryl Melody's debut book, "Shift of Heart, Paths to Healing and Love".  Get an autographed copy at


 Congratulations to New England Poet Pat M. Kuras poetry book "Hope, Newfound Clarity" available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble's website.


WNDU-TV News coverage about 45 Magazine Women's Literary Journal. Read here.  Also view this coverage in "videos".


New Host for Tatnuck Bookseller’s Literary Arts Open Mic

WESTBOROUGH, MA –IWA Publishing Services is proud to announce the new host for the Literary Arts Open Mic, author and storyteller Jan Krause Greene at Tatnuck Bookseller, Gift Gallery & Café, 18 Lyman Street in the Westborough Shopping Center on Route 9 every second and fourth Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Jan Krause Greene is a talented storyteller and author of I Call Myself Earthgirl. She is an environmental activist, education consultant, and diversity trainer. Her column, Homefront, appeared weekly in The Middlesex News during the 80s and 90s, while working as an English teacher at Hopkinton High School.

The original host and founder of the Literary Arts Open Mic, Zorina Frey, owner of IWA Publishing Services, will continue to manage the event serving as the Public Relations Manager.

To participate in the Literary Arts Open Mic event, contact Zorina Frey at

The purpose of the Literary Arts Open Mic is to promote self-confidence by encouraging people to take pride in their identity while promoting a positive attitude while remaining diligent in self-improvement through the art of literature. This event also serves as a great opportunity to network and learn about getting published.

9.29.14 Poetry performance at Arts in Common captured in the Community Advocate. Read here.

7.21.14 Read Zorina Frey's article published in the Worcester Business Journal, Social media can pump up the hype for your business here.

5.11.14 Visit the LITERARY ARTS OPEN MIC page for frequent updates about the featured artist of the month here.


 10.13.14 IWA launching a Literary Arts Open Mic at Tatnuck Bookseller via Community Advocate news:

 12.22.13 -The 2014 Literary Arts Open Mic schedule is up. Sign up for a slot here =>

                 - I.W.A. will be participating in a panel of authors at Tatnuck Booksellers & Café called "From Inspiration to Publication" January 19 @ 1 pm.

 12.18.13 - I.W.A. Publishing Services has been nominated for the 2013 YATR Indie Publisher of the Year Award.

12.16.13 - While tutoring young author Sophie Campbell, helping her writer her debut book of poetry, "Brave, a Book about Courage," I had Sophie read one of my poems, "A Woman of Worth" published in "I Won't Apologize for Being a Woman." It sound so lovely, I recorded it. Happy Holidays, everyone.


"A Woman of Worth" performed by Sophie Campbell, written by Zorina Frey

 10.10.13 -  A big thank you to Ed Karvoski Jr., writer of The Community Advocate News for a wonderful article about The Literary Arts Open Mic.  Read about it here:

 9.30-13 - Read about The Literary Arts Open Mic in here:


The Right Way to Self-Publish 

will be sold at this year's Boston Book Festival, Saturday, October 19 10am - 5pm 

10.14.13 - H.O.M.E. book signing was a success.  Alessandra sold out!  View the pictures here:

9.4.13 - Alessandra Zagame's debut book, "H.O.M.E." will premiere at Tatnuck Booksellers, 18 Lyman Street, Westborough, MA Saturday, October 12 from 1pm - 2:30 pm.  The event is free and open to the public

 H.O.M.E. by Alessandra Zagame is available on Amazon here

I.W.A. will be hosting a Literary Arts Open Mic at Tatnuck Booksellers in Westborough, MA starting in September.  This is a perfect venue for writers, poets, authors, playwrights, musicians, singers, amateurs, and literary lovers to share their writings, network, and enjoy good entertainment! 

The monthly event begins Thursday, September 26 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm.

Is There a Diet for Chronic Illness?
from the Author of Fibromyalgia Basics, Pati Chandler

Coming soon!

Pati Chandler was diagnosed with Arthritis in 1990, Ankylosing
Spondylitis in 1995 and Fibromyalgia in 1998. It was the Fibromyalgia
that urged her to research natural options. It became quickly evident
that prescriptions weren’t getting her where she wanted to be,
healthwise. So as she researched, tested and tried a variety of
supplements, alternative treatments and foods, she found the “right
combination” for her and never looked back.

Visit Pati Chandler's Fibromyalgia Facebook page here - . 

Book Review

Reviewed by Gayani Hathurusingha for Readers Favorite

How do you wish to conquer your enemy? Try Z.E.Frey's method.'I am your inspiration, Don't hate me,' is what Z.E.Frey sings in one of the poems in his collection of poetry entitled 'Stones and Sticks'. In the sub-title of the book, the poet explains that the poems are about conquering enemies with poetry. Being a postmodern poet, Frey writes motivated by a strong consciousness of hostility and hatred which emerges in various forms in any social context. The aspect of hatred and cold hostility is mostly a hidden factor in the society, which finds shelter under the apparent serenity of any context. Through his highly expressive prosaic poems, the poet displays his awareness of this social reality. 

The narrative voice, which is first person, depicts a very strong personality. Apparently, the poet is recommending such a personality, for those who wish to conquer enemies in a non-violent way. The poems are saturated with philosophies and optimism related to the diversified stressful occasions in life. According to the opinion of the poet, conquering enemies is a process which should take place within the conqueror. It has nothing to do with an attitudinal change of the enemy. The poet is engaged in creating an internal equilibrium within his reader so that the reader will succeed in overpowering his enemies within himself, without the help of sticks or stones. The concepts are illustrated with reference to religious ideologies at times. The poet is capable of employing satire against the people who hate him. The subtle moments of human interactions are traced by him with talent and creativity.   

READERS' FAVORITE gives Open Candid Haikus about Everyday Life 5 STARS!  Read the review here.  

 Another 5 stars for I.W.A. author Sophie Campbell's book BRAVE A BOOK ABOUT COURAGE.  

Read the entire review here


Prevention Benefits, Healthy Employees Costs Less!  Go Red American Heart Association book launch. 

 I Won't Apologize for Being a Woman changes lives!  

Read a Barnes and Noble review here

I.W.A. Publishing Services at ArtWalk in Elkhart, Indiana.  

Read about it in The Elkhart Truth

Expo for Women 2012 & 2013 

I.W.A. Publishing Services will be presenting it's library at the 24th Annual Expo for Women.   This year's keynote speaker is The Young & Restless Melody Thomas Scott. 

Read about the Women's Expo Author's Pavilion through here. 

Author's Lorraine Oman Hanover, Z. Exie J. Frey, Dale Carter, Patricia Gibson, and Lisa Caponigri.  

 Zorina Frey at the Expo for Women in South Bend, Indiana.

I.W.A. Publishing Services is proud to help Council Optometric Center of Erie, PA 

launch their new website. 

I.W.A. Publishing Services is proud to contribute to Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Meredith Terpuluk forthcoming book HEALTHY VOICE, LIFE BEYOND THE WEIGHT 

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Meredith Terpeluk is the founder of Healthy Voice, LLC and Her political career has led her from a Presidential campaign to the White House, and from there, to the Health and Human Services Department to work on childhood obesity issues. It was there she realized that the government alone could not solve all the answers and went back to Notre Dame to earn a graduate degree in Non-Profit Administration in South Bend, Indiana. Soon after, she began her treatment and recovery journey towards finding her Healthy Voice.

IWA author Sophie Campbell at her first book signing at BETTER WORLD BOOKS 

on her birthday.  

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