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$ 10.00 USD

"Bloodroots" is a collection of inspirational poems that uplift and encourages women. Journey into a rhythmic string of stories that gives you a peek into the window of a soul that can sometimes be misunderstood and cast out according to society’s standards of what is to be considered sane. Bloodroots touches on what it really means to support one another while struggling to take care of yourself. This book is for anyone who feels like they might be struggling with issues without any support. You’re not alone.


Don't Mind Being Black

$ 22.99 USD

Don’t Mind Being Black, American Poetry Book gives you a peek into a community that is oftentimes misunderstood, overgeneralized, and easily dismissed. The collection of poetry in this body of work offers a glimpse of the day in the life of sculptor, painter, and poet Jake Webster, and poet, performer, writer, and publisher Zorina Frey. This is a compilation of primarily free verse poetry and short stories. Each of these written works share a personal insight from two perspectives as American citizens owning their identity as proud black artists.


Insomniac Bliss

$ 10.00 USD

In Insomniac Bliss, author Pat M. Kuras guides you through a poetic string of musing relationships that represents the inner thoughts of a beautifully composed literary symphony, fondly reflecting the cacophony of the physical and mental, sparks, sizzle, and fizz of past intimate relationships. This is the follow-up to her first publication, Hope: Newfound Clarity.


Shift of Heart, Paths to Healing and Love

$ 11.99 USD

Shift of Heart: Paths to Healing and Love vibrates love, inspiration, compassion and encouragement. Each chapter gently guides us towards increased self-love, inner peace, balance, presence and mindfulness. Every inspiring word seeks to unchain inner turmoil and encourage a sense of greater freedom and creative flow. Shift of Heart is packed with crystal wisdom, practical tools for navigating challenges, true inspirational stories, short guided visualizations, reflections and meditations, positive affirmations, and a self-help approach humorously entitled “My 5 Minute (Chakra) Quickie."



$ 14.99 USD

After losing her parents and surviving The Reckoning, a catastrophic earthquake that nearly destroyed all of North America, against all odds, young Thecla survived on her own in the remains of the destruction, known as The Wastelands. Seven years later, now a fiercely, self-trained warrior and hunter-gatherer, Thecla is suddenly introduced into a new order of civilization known as Carpathia, a pious community where the prominent Bishop Kato governs. As her morals are challenged and innocence slowly falls by the wayside, Thecla quickly discovers that her survival skills and instincts that kept her alive in the brutal, wild and untamed Wastelands is no match for her new life in Carpathia.


Hope, Newfound Clarity

$ 9.99 USD

Discovering newfound clarity is a re-birth of the mind and spirit. New England poet Pat M. Kuras uses her love and talent for the written word to renew hers. Hope Newfound Clarity flashes back to the 1980s offering a peek into the world of an alcoholic’s journey from self-destruction to sobriety. Through literary creative moments that could also be known as poetry, Kuras rediscovers life as a lesbian, learning to become comfortable with her own identity as a recovering alcoholic. Hope Newfound Clarity’s poetry compilation will take readers on a temperate passage of enlightenment and hope.


Is There a Diet for Chronic Illness?

$ 12.00 USD

Pati Chandler was diagnosed with Arthritis in 1990, Ankylosing Spondylitis in 1995 and Fibromyalgia in 1998. It was the Fibromyalgia that urged her to research natural options. It became quickly evident that prescriptions weren’t getting her where she wanted to be, healthwise. So as she researched, tested and tried a variety of supplements, alternative treatments and foods, she found the “right combination” for her and never looked back.

  • Paperback: 198 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1496174277

The Right Way to Self-Publish

$ 15.94 USD

If you have always wanted to write a book but not quite sure how to get started, this is the book for you!  The Right Way to Self-Publish provides information about the self-publishing process along with helpful marketing tips.  This book is for aspiring writers who want to gain notoriety and business professionals who want to provide credibility to their business.

The Right Way to Self-Publish lends helpful information about:

   ü  Writing your manuscript

   ü  Editing

   ü  Story ideas

   ü  Finding the right    


   ü  Copyright registration

   ü  Marketing yourself

   ü  Royalties

                                                               ...and more!


  • ISBN-13: 978-1491075982
  • Paperback: 150 pages


$ 15.92 USD

Diana, a 37-year-old housewife feels as if her life has no purpose to it. That's why when she's granted a second chance at a mysterious house called H.O.M.E, she leaps at the opportunity to start her life over with a fresh start. There is a catch: the cost to get in. The moment Diana opens the door to this new world, she finds herself trapped in her seven-year-old body in a home full of beauty and wonder she's never seen accompanied by other children. The haven Diana has come to know as her new H.O.M.E. turns upside-down when a death occurs within her new group of friends. Fates intertwine, friendships crumble, and what was once a paradise can only be described as hell on earth.

  • Paperback: 210 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1491069226

I Won't Apologize for Being a Woman

$ 10.63 USD

A book of poetry and prose explaining the challenges of living a Christian life in today’s society.  Bonus poems.

Paperback: 78 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1456336561



Open, Candid Haikus about Everyday Life

$ 12.75 USD

Open.  Candid Haikus about Everyday Life consist of 560 humorous and brazen thought-provoking haikus about love, friendship, betrayal, faith, work, and even the struggles of weight-loss.  Open.  Candid Haikus about Everyday Life saucy poems has the potential to make a poetry-lover out of anybody guaranteed to make you laugh! 

  • Paperback: 112 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1477625323

Conquering Haters, Dealing with Negative People

$ 10.65 USD

Conquering Haters, Dealing with Negative People is an informative how-to guide on identifying nine negative personalities commonly known as “Haters”.  The book talks about finding your identity, building and sustaining self-confidence, promoting a positive self-esteem, and giving credit where it is due, all the while remaining diligent in self-improvement.

  • Paperback: 98 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1475056488

Sticks and Stones, Conquering Haters with Poetry

$ 9.55 USD

Sticks and Stones, Conquering Haters…with poetry is the poetic version of Conquering Haters, Dealing with Negative People.  Just as singing a song can often uplift the spirits, Frey believes that poetry, the written word of music, will do the same. 

  • Paperback: 58 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1475056518



I Won't Apologize for Being a Woman~Limited Edition

$ 19.99 USD

A book of poetry and prose explaining the challenges of living a Christian life in today’s society. 


Michiana Monologues, A World of Difference

$ 10.63 USD

An Indiana University South Bend's Women's Studies program.  Women from Indiana and Michigan both students and from the Michiana community anonymously tells their stories of love, joy, and pain. 

  • Paperback: 124 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1469910666

Prevention Benefits, Healthy Employees Cost Less (1st Edition)

$ 26.55 USD

Prevention Benefits Healthy Employees Cost Less demonstrates when the workplace experiences a wellness culture with a laser focus on the wellbeing of their employees fitness, healthy eating and stress management become the norm, instead of the exception. Employers and employees who participate in wellness programs positively impact their bottom line by lowering their healthcare bills by choosing this healthy alternative to the rising insurance rates, high cost medical services and poor work attendance due to illness. There's no denying healthy employees, create healthy companies, resulting in healthier communities. Prevention Benefits Healthy Employees Cost Less is filled with 22 experts offering useful information about how to help both you and your business be successful starting with physical and financial wellness - including the positive thinking that goes along with it. In addition, there are testimonials from companies that offer wellness programs and their employees who participated in them. Prevention Benefits Healthy Employees Cost Less is divided into two parts, what's healthy for you and what's healthy for your business. After all, you and your employees are critical to the success of your business. Prevention Benefits Healthy Employees Cost Less is an informative, educational, and inspirational hands-on book designed to help your company become healthy and productive whether it has 1 or 500+ employees. This hand book will help you create a healthy community where you work, reduce health care costs, and increase revenue.
  • Paperback: 248 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1478357476

Brave, a Book about Courage

$ 10.63 USD

Because Brave.  A Book about Courage is authored by a child, other children will more thoroughly comprehend the content at hand and develop a better appreciation for literature.  For children to read a child-authored book not only encourages more kids to get involved with reading books, but possibly inspire them to write one of their own. 

  • Paperback: 74 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1478270843
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