How to use OBD2 Scanner Monster Gauge - Torque, horsepower, RPM, displacement?

It is a monster gauge coveting the world's best OBD2 scanner. What do you want to see today? I think I've focused on the engine information page and the battery so far, so I'm going to have a basic story today. Maybe it is a very basic story, but you may be bored with it. But the foundation is important. I also prepared for those who do not know.

OBD2 Scanner Utilize the monster gauges! - Displacement, RPM, Torque, Horsepower

OBD2 scanner Monster gauges that tell the story car-displacement means

Displacement is called Displacement in English. Meaning is the size of the volume that affects the combustion engine combustion level. It means the volume of the mixed gas inhaled or discharged when the piston is one stroke (ie, one explosion) in the seal. As you all know, the notation is expressed in cc or liters. The calculation is to multiply the number of the cylinder stroke (Stroke) to the area of the cylinder each cylinder.

Let me give you a little example. When you untie the engine, you can see that it consists of several cylinders. In the case of a series 4 cylinder, there are 4 cylinder runners, and in the case of V6, 6 cylinders are put in V shape. Word of displacement is obtained by multiplying the number of the volume in each cylinder.

Generally, if the exhaust amount is large, the amount of oxygen and the mixed gas that can be inhaled per hour increases, and the explosive force becomes large, and the torque and the output increase. But fuel economy can get worse. This can be misinterpreted as a bad fuel economy if the displacement is large ... However, since this problem is covered by various engine designs and lubricants, there is no inverse relationship between displacement and fuel economy.

NOTE: If a passenger car, it is less than 1000cc minicar, 1600cc is less than a small car, 1600 ~ 2000cc 2000cc longer distinguishes between medium-sized to large.

OBD2 scanner Monster gauges that tell the story two car-Talk is?

I talked about torque and output at the end. So let's talk about talking this time.

Torque refers to the amount of force that rotates an object at its end relative to the center center axis. In the expression,
T = r XF, and the unit is N * m or kgf * m. means the energy at the center required to rotate an object at distance r by an F force.

A little easier to say, when the fuel sprayed inside the cylinder explodes, the connecting rod below it is pushed down. And the force generated by this explosion turns the camshaft, and the torque used to turn the camsharp is called torque.

It is easy to understand if you think that torque is the power of one point (moment). The higher the torque, the higher the instantaneous gasoline power. Therefore, SUVs larger than large cargo trucks or passenger cars have higher torque. The unit of torque is kgf * m. The formula omits to the complexity of ignorance ...

OBD2 scanner Monster gauges that tell the story Vehicles - RPM is what else!

It is now Revolution Per Minute (RPM). Meaning is how much the engine rotates in one minute. Why is it important to know how many laps the engine's crankshaft spins in one minute? Horsepower is the product of RPM and torque, as we'll see in a little more detail at the back. If you spend a lot of money, it is important that the power to be delivered to the engine becomes large.

RPM is displayed doeneundeyo Rev / min, high-performance engines can use higher RPM in many cases, come up to the output coming off the high RPM. As you will see below, the higher the RPM, the higher the output. The RPM appears on the instrument cluster, where 1 means 1000 RPM and 2 means 2000 RPM. Gasoline engines have a higher RPM than diesel.


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